Sizing & Fit Guide

IONA Clothing Body Size Chart

Most of our clothing is generously sized for comfort. We list the height and measurements of our models, along with the finished measurements of our garments. Inches aside, fit is a very personal thing, and we encourage people to pick the size that's comfortable for them. Even if two people have the same body measurements, they may pick different sizes if one person likes a snug fit and the other likes a looser fit.

How to measure your body for the size chart:

Bust Waist and Hip Measurements - IONA Clothing 
All garments made out of woven fabric have added EASE - the room you need to move around. How much ease do you need? Generally, 2 - 3" at the bust and 4" or so at the hip is the minimum — but again you might prefer more or less depending on how you like your clothes to fit. Any garments listed with a waistband are designed with elastic or another way to adjust the fit, we will list the unstretched and stretched measurements. If you fall between sizes, think about if you like a looser or a tighter fit, and take a look at the measurements listed for the garment — you can use a tape measure to approximate what that measurement will feel like on your body.

Here are some keywords we use regarding fit:

  • Fitted: 0 - 2" of ease (usually a garment made from a knit fabric for stretch)
  • Standard Fit: 2 - 4" of ease
  • Loose Fit: 4 - 6" of ease
  • Free Fit: more than 6" of ease

Our models:

Fiona and Shaerie model sizes for IONA Clothing

We understand that clothing is hard to select without trying it on. While we don't allow returns, we do allow exchanges for size or a different garment. And we are always happy to discuss what styles work best for different body types! Contact us at with any questions.

And if you'd like to learn more about our goals to fit a wide variety of bodies, you can read about growing a small business!