Shaerie Mead has been teaching sewing and patternmaking classes since 2005. From 2007 - 2015 she owned Sew L.A. in Los Angeles, a fabric destination and classroom for crafters and sewists from all over the country. Before that she was a professional corset maker, and currently she is a patternmaker for her own company - IONA Clothing - and the apparel industry.

Shaerie Mead Sew L.A. Workshops and Classes

Engaging, knowledgeable and precise, Shaerie brings over 30 years of sewing experience to the workshops she teaches. Many people who are drawn to sewing are visual learners and need to see steps demonstrated to understand what's going on - that's where classes help! A little investment learning step-by-step will save a lot of time and ruined fabric in the long run.

Private lessons are also available for specific projects not offered as classes. Email Shaerie here to schedule a lesson or a private group class! Her studio is located at the Eno River Mill in Hillsborough and in-person classes are being set up for late Summer / Fall 2021.

Shaerie Mead Patternmaker teaches sewing classes
Currently, all classes and private lessons are virtual due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Shaerie teaches virtual workshops at Freeman's Creative in Durham, NC - head over to their website to find the latest class schedule! When the pandemic hit, Amelia at Freeman's set up a fantastic virtual studio for Zoom classes, and students have really loved the overhead shots, sewing machine close-ups and the ability to re-watch demonstrations. Scroll down to see some of the independent patterns workshops are based on, and stay tuned for in-person class updates.

You can find Shaerie's classes for Sew L.A. patterns on the CreativeLive website, available anytime. Purchase patterns and kits for these classes here.

IONA Clothing Shaerie Mead Easiest Skirt Class

The Easiest Skirt With Shaerie Mead 

The Vintage Pocket Skirt With Shaerie Mead

The Vintage Pocket Skirt With Shaerie Mead

Box Zip Bags With Shaerie Mead

Box Zip Bags With Shaerie Mead


Some patterns used for our workshops at Freeman's Creative:

Shaerie Mead - Intro to Sewing Machines

Luna Pants Pattern by Made By Rae
by Made By Rae

ELODIE DRESS by Closet Core Patterns

ELODIE DRESS by Closet Core Patterns

GYPSUM SKIRT by Sew LiberatedGYPSUM SKIRT by Sew Liberated

Ilford Jacket Pattern
by Friday Pattern Co.

CIELO TOP and DRESS by Closet Core Patterns

Quick Market Bag by Sew L.A. Patterns
by Sew L.A. Patterns

by Sew Liberated

Sew L.A. - Shaerie MeadAnd lastly, a moment to remember Sew L.A. in Los Angeles: to all the wonderful students and teachers, to all the amazing fabric and the fun that was had from 2007 to 2015. Gone but certainly not forgotten!