IONA Clothing & Shaerie Mead

Shaerie Mead

IONA Clothing has been an idea for many, many years. I have always seen clothing as being an expression of one's self, but also as functional and comfortable pieces that must stand up to daily use. If I was to spend my time creating something, it was for sure going to last!

There are so many eras of clothing that I'm interested in, and I'm so lucky to work, as a patternmaker, with different designers to indulge that passion. IONA came from my love of simplicity, minimal design, beautiful fabrics and COLOR. They are the pieces I reach for every day.

My focus with IONA is on fit. I will be distilling my experience creating custom-made items and my years of patternmaking into garments that are effortless to wear. And since one size does not fit all, I'm very interested in expanding my size range and offerings for different body types as I grow.

Starting a company solo as a working mom has certainly presented some challenges! Every piece I create takes a lot of background work to get to the point where it's shared with the public, so customers can expect small releases during the year as opposed to large collections. I try my best to operate seasonally, because I want warm clothes when it's cold out and breezy, light dresses when it's summer.

And lastly, I'm working to be as sustainable as possible with IONA. All decisions from design to packaging are considered thoughtfully and whenever possible I'll make the greener choice. As IONA moves forward, this commitment will deepen and be reflected in all aspects of running the business. I'm very invested in local community and will be working towards establishing production in North Carolina, creating jobs and opportunities for local growth.

Thank you for your interest in my work!